Day Long,Live training announcement



  with Dion Lerman  March 25th, 2017. ( see Events Page)

The purpose of our March  workshop  is to prepare for the work ahead - Maintain focus  for the long haul.

 Deepen your understanding of conflict resolution and its importance to all social justice causes.  We will focus on strengthening  each member.  Consider creative ways to demonstrate.                  Our training  is offered  to  anyone interested,  as a public service.  Helpers, collaborators welcome! 

Be a real asset to any gathering or social justice group  with your enhanced Peace Partner skills.  


Below is the intro to the  our iDNC  focused  training-   and a brief Bio of Dion  Lerman.   Send us messages, questions or observations  via our About Page.

 Peacekeeping  / Peace Marshall   INTRODUCTION  Video   by   dion   Lerman  used for the DnC july 2016.  

Peace Partners   also offer  workshops 'Vision to Action'  , as well as ' acting against Violence' for  social justice groups of all kinds.

Principal Trainer

  1. Dion Lerman has been involved in peace and social justice movements since he was nine years old. He grew up in New York City and spent time in England. In 1974 he moved to Philadelphia to join the Movement for a New Society (MNS) and the Philadelphia Life Center. Dion completed a two-year training program for social change activists committed to nonviolent direct action (NVDA) for fundamental social change. Subsequently, Dion lived and organized in Chicago, IL, and the South, primarily Atlanta, GA, before returning to Philadelphia in 1984.

  2. Dion has conducted workshops on many nonviolent action topics, including nonviolence theory and history, civil disobedience, communications skills, and group process, for community groups, churches, national advocacy groups, Friend’s Schools, college and university classes and student groups. Some of issues he has helped train and/or coordinate NVDA for include:

o   Vietnam Resistance     o   Impeach Nixon   o   No support for Chilean Dictatorship   o   War Tax Resistance

o   Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Liberation   o   Anti-apartheid  o   Environmental causes   o   Anti-nuclear power

o   Nuclear Disarmament  o   Against Gulf: War Iran, Iraq I, Iraq II   o   No Intervention in Central America

o   Animal Rights   o   Anti-draft    o   Counter-KKK/Nazi organizing   o   Anti-Death Penalty

o   Mumia Abu Jamal Solidarity    o   Community organizing    o   Anti-violence organizing

Dion has earned his living as a graphic designer, and as a chef, chef instructor for a foodservice training program for formerly homeless mothers, and for the last ten years has worked for Healthy Homes and environmentally sound pest control. For many years he was a Quaker, in Atlanta, Newtown (Bucks County, PA.), and Chestnut Hill meetings. He is currently enrolled in a Masters of Public Health program, completion date May 2017