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Vision to Action Workshop

Interactive training for activists. Led by Dion Lerman, a longtime Philadelphia activist. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but resolving the sources of the conflicts. Violence, and the threat of violence, including war, is the tool that is maintains all oppression and injustice. We must act against violence, personal or institutional, and reclaim and assert our individual power to create a society in which we want to live.

We will discuss the history of movements .Gain perspective and prepare for the work ahead with an understanding of how we ended up "here". We  are investing  time with each other  to get a handle on how to do that.  Be a positive  influence.  Help others consider being active. We need create an effective mass movement- a true People's Lobby. That includes reaching out and participating in  "Courageous Conversations'. Donations to cover expenses welcome

Tentative Schedule

9:30 AM  Sign in.  Coffee, snacks. Greet and Settle. 

10:AM   Who? What? Where and When?.  Sharing our history, Movements and Power

 11:30 AM   What scares you most?  What are you passionate about? The Big question.                                   Interactive  learning together Using your energy in a positive way. 

 12 :15- 1:!5  PM  break for Lunch.Coffee, snacks, Soup/ salad provided. Guided discussion Questions, Sharing what works.

 !:15  - 2:15  Understanding re Framing Everything.  Creating new Models for  New Outcomes

3:00 - 3-30  Group activity : Sharing resources.   Wrap up. 

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EVENT to be Held at 800 E Lancaster AVE. Downingtown, PA 19335  at the Schoolhouse of Downingtown Friends Meeting